Enemy Under Your Roof

We don’t like to think of our family members as our enemies. But here it is.

” . . . a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.” ~ from Matthew chapter 10.

(You may want to read all of verses 34-39.) So we shouldn’t be surprised when we realize one or more of our family members is opposing us.

Do you ever feel like your child is your enemy? Or perhaps your spouse clashes with you regarding how to deal with a child’s behaviors and it feels like you and your spouse are on opposing teams. It may be short-lived, minor conflict or long-term and/or high stakes.

If we have made “family” an idol, or wrapped up our own identity so tightly in our family, our family roles and relationships, then this opposition from within our own home may rock our world. It might even tempt us to stray from our convictions in following Jesus.

We should not stir up trouble in our families unnecessarily of course. But neither should we idolize “family” to the point of compromising our relationship with our Savior and Father in heaven.

Instead, look to our relationship with him and our identity in his family as our foundation. And while we shouldn’t make family relationships an idol, neither should we make reconciliation impossible by our negative attitudes or behaviors. Keep the door open and continue to pray for restoration and reconciliation.

The real enemy, the one who is the enemy of our souls is Satan. Remember this when you feel like it’s the person in front of you and understand that he may be using them to get to you but he would love to destroy you both.

Spiritual warfare. In the home. It’s real. Be prepared.

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