Hello, Trello – – So Nice to Meet you!

So Trello, I wonder why no one has ever introduced me to you before (?) Perhaps I was just not paying attention or was otherwise engaged . . . but now at long last I am so happy to have finally found you!

Do you know about Trello?

I just started using this free resource and it looks fantastic! (There are paid options for their Business and Enterprise levels, but with unlimited numbers of board, lists and cards, the free version is not just a tease, but a well-rounded tool right out of the gate! And did I say free?!)

With Trello I can finally organize my life. (Yes!) And you can too. I’ve already started with a few boards and have been scoping out examples of more ways to use this fantastic tool for family, business, projects, whatever . . .

Get Trello for yourself here.

Trello Boards

If you’ve ever used Pinterest you are familiar with “boards”. Trello also uses boards as the main sections. Within your broad category boards, you then add “lists” and “cards”. These can be labeled by color and further modified for a variety of needs and uses. And you can share boards, lists and cards as well as switch up cards from list to list and board to board (or duplicate them)! Are you getting excited yet?

As I said, there are tons of uses for Trello and Trello boards. Want to make a Vision Board? Make it on Trello, or make several! Got a project to plan, or a joint project? Make it and share tasks on Trello!

How I am using Trello right now (and expanding):

I’ve set up Boards for primary areas of my life so far:

My Starter Boards in Trello

Family (with lists for each family member) – I do plan to separate these out into a board for each person. Plus you can color coordinate your boards if you like, even upload your own background photos for each one.

Business – Working from home is an amazing opportunity. I already see how Trello can help me integrate work with the rest of my life without dropping (so many) balls that I juggle. I can bounce from work to child to dinner and not lose my place now (smile).

My parent support ministry (You’re here! Yesterday’s Orphan); I am excited to plug the beginnings of some future plans into Trello to keep moving forward on them. Stick around to see what’s coming up!

My upcoming mission trip to Russia; no stressing over the to-dos for this trip. Just plug into Trello, set a due date and get’er done!

My Mission Trip Board

I plan to add a weekly schedule board to house repetitive items particular to days of the week, and some more project boards.

Key to Success with Trello

One key I already discovered is to add a due date/deadline to anything you can. This will bring up that item (card) in your daily “What’s Next” list. No matter what board or list they are on, the due date will pull up whatever you’ve scheduled in order. (No flipping back and forth between calendars and lists!)

Trello for Back-to-School

It’s that time of year and I am so happy to have found Trello in time for back-to-school. Not only can Trello keep my life organized, but my children as well.

Keep the (perceived) nagging away when you share tasks with them through Trello. They can check off as done and you’ll be able to see when an item is marked completed. (I would have loved this for home-schooling!) There’s even an application to save the ist of completed assignments to a spreadsheet on Google Drive. (Record-keeping? DONE!)

Example boards for homeschool parents:

Personal parent/teacher boards with Master Lists, Student boards, Weekly Routines, Resource Links, Current and upcoming lesson plans; Materials checklists; Extracurricular activities; Field trips; Library books (with due dates)

Trello for students:

Homeschool or not, students can have their own project boards with checklists to break projects down into manageable tasks. My high schoolers can set up their own Trello boards for each subject at the start of the school year and add in their projects and due dates, tests and study schedules. Plus any other links to resources or important information.

Trello is compatible to various devices and so I can work on my Chromebook and also see the app on my phone when out and about.

Pressure Relief

For the family with intense kids, parents need to be able to communicate in a way that won’t promote internal pressure. (Sometimes even a look can do that with my teens!) Trello is a way to do just that. You can collaborate and share information in an organized way that doesn’t seem like you are just barking out random commands. And the engaging tech is the go-between!

Let me know, have you used Trello for you family and found it useful? What’s your favorite benefit so far?

Free Parent Resource

If you have intense kids who have a hard time with transitions and if back-to-school season is stressing you out just thinking about it (!!!) – – then you’ll like the following free resource, my tips for being the chill parent during back-to-school season, even with intense kids. Get yours with the button below.

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