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Changing Seasons

We recently took a sudden dive into colder weather in my neck of the woods, after summer heat that just went on and on and on. With holidays on the horizon and thinking about huge changes in my own life and upcoming changes, I’ve been thinking a lot about the inevitable changes as we move through various seasons of life. 

There are things we can do to prepare and ready ourselves for these changes.  But unlike moving from fall to winter to spring to summer, we only experience each season of life once, and have to view and learn about the progression at arm’s length rather than personal experience.  We can look at others who’ve gone before and take a long range view, understanding that our current season won’t last, that there’s another, different season on the horizon.

If we choose to be fully present in the season we are in, while planning ahead and holding onto lessons from previous seasons, it will help us not only handle the changes, but to take hold of the opportunities that each season of life brings.

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Are you in a challenging season? Perhaps you would benefit from the free parent to parent resource from Yesterday’s Orphan, Regaining Emotional Control, to help you navigate this challenging season. [See this Resource in Sidebar]

With homeschooling behind me sooner than expected, I found myself in a different season. I was suddenly not only wanting additional income but also wanting to meet more people and make more of a difference in the world with orphan ministry in particular. I also had a bit more free time, but still needed to be able to be home with some of my children more than an out of home job would allow. Plus I enjoyed the flexibility that I’ve been accustomed to. If you’d like to know more about what it is that I do that let’s me keep my time flexibility I’m happy to share more with you.


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